Sunday, October 24, 2004

Another Hawk for Kerry

The Moose welcomes another hawk for Kerry.

Although it is no surprise that the Washington Post endorsed Kerry today, it is significant because the paper strongly supported the Iraq war. The content of the editorial perfectly mirrors the Moose's view -

"We do, however, fault Mr. Bush for exaggerating to the public the intelligence given him privately and for alienating allies unnecessarily. Above all, we fault him for ignoring advice to better prepare for postwar reconstruction. The damage caused by that willful indifference is incalculable. There is no guarantee that Iraq would be more peaceful today if U.S. forces had prevented postwar looting, secured arms depots, welcomed international involvement and transferred authority to Iraqis more quickly. But the chances of success would have been higher. Yet the administration repeatedly rebuffed advice to commit sufficient troops. Its disregard for the Geneva Conventions led to a prison-torture scandal in both Iraq and Afghanistan that has diminished for years, if not decades, the United States' image and influence abroad. In much of the world, in fact, U.S. prestige is at a historic low, partly because of the president's high-handed approach to allies on issues ranging far beyond Iraq.

"These failings have a common source in Mr. Bush's cocksureness, his failure to seek advice from anyone outside a narrow circle and his unwillingness to expect the unexpected or adapt to new facts. These are dangerous traits in any president but especially in a wartime leader. They are matched by his failure to admit his errors or to hold senior officials accountable for theirs."

While the Post has some significant reservations about Kerry's foreign policy views, the paper concludes, "Mr. Kerry has repeatedly pledged not to cut and run from Iraq, and we believe a Kerry administration would be better able to tackle the formidable nation-building tasks that remain there. "

Every day the events on the ground in Iraq reinforce Bush's assessment that the war has indeed become a "catastrophic success". Smart hawks are looking for a change. Actually, the Moose is now inclined to call himself an owl.
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