Friday, October 29, 2004

Bluster Isn't Enough

The Moose wants a commander in chief who can actually prevail in the war against terror.

Here is a thought experiment - what would be the response of Republicans if a Democratic President failed to capture or kill Osama three years after 9/11? And, what if that President had further mismanaged another conflict where American troops were bogged down fighting a war in which terrorists were allowed to establish sanctuaries? They would, of course, call that Democratic President a failure, a disaster and maybe a wimp.

Oddly though, the leader of the famed Bush ad wolf pack has reared his ugly head and much of the punditry is characterizing it as a virtual in-kind contribution to the Bush campaign! It raises the obvious question of whether Osama wants four more years?

After all the Bush bluster of getting Osama "dead or alive", bin Laden is still alive and taunting us. The ultimate evil doer evidently seeks to be a political player in our election.

Yes, Osama's reemergence reminds us of the war against terrorism. But, it also reminds us of the President's failure to achieve the prime objective of eliminating the mastermind of the attack on our nation.
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