Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Get A Grip

If the Moose hears one more kvetch about Diebold voting machines he is going to flip his antlers.

The donkey needs an intervention. You lost, move on. Enough of the navel gazing introspection! It is time to retool and take on the opposition. Trust the Moose, it will be fun. The Elephant is the establishment - the donkey is the insurgent revolutionary. We must go up into the mountains and only enter the Capital City to make some mischief.

The Democrats must become the anti-Washington Party. For instance, the donkey must join with John McCain and even Senator-elect Coburn (that is not a typo) and oppose pork barrel spending and corporate welfare. Democrats must become the party of fiscal restraint and make the G.O.P. the spendthrift big government types.

The Ragin Cajun is apparently on the same wave length as the Moose. Here is what today's Washington Times reports,

Mr. Carville, who had just returned from a vacation at Disney World with his family and wife, Republican strategist Mary Matalin, at times seemed unable to put into words just how much of a hill Democrats have to climb. He said he is considering writing a book about what direction Democrats should go. One possibility, he said, was to embrace a reform-oriented, anti-Washington agenda. That would require the ability of members of Congress to reject pork projects for their districts and stake the party's fortunes on fiscal discipline.

Meanwhile, the strength of the Democrats lies out in the countryside. Showcase your Governors and highlight their ideas for governing.

Donkey - dare to struggle, dare to win!
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