Monday, December 20, 2004

Breaking News - W. Commits Honesty

The Moose applauds the President for taking the first step toward recovery.

Now that the election is over, the truth is returning from holiday. Republicans are bickering over their long suppressed differences and they are kvetching about the conduct of the war. The November triumph has lost its luster.

And today the President stepped forward, ever so timidly and cautiously, to declare "Hi, I'm George W. Bush and I'm presiding over a failing war." At today's surprise news conference (aren't they all), the President described the situation in Iraq this way as reported by the Washington Post,

"No question about it, the bombers are having an effect. . . . They're trying to shape the view of the Iraqi people and they're trying to shape the view of the American people."

And he expressed frustration that Iraqi troops trained by Americans had sometimes refused to fight. "There have been some cases when the heat gets on they leave the battlefield. That's unacceptable."

So, it isn't "Mission Accomplished" after all, is it Mr. President? One step down, eleven to go!
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