Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rove-Reed '08

The Moose offers the words that will send shivers up the spines of the Mooseketeers - President Ralph Reed.

Last week, the Moose reported on Righteous Ralph's ambition to run for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. However, it appears the former major-domo of the Christian Coalition has his sights set much higher. This is the headline on a story in today's Washington Times, Reed said to see Georgia as path to White House. The Moose is not making this up!

"Word that Ralph Reed plans to seek the lieutenant governorship of Georgia signals what friends say is the former Christian Coalition executive director's ultimate ambition - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A Bush White House favorite, Mr. Reed would have to give up his lucrative campaign-consulting business in order to run for a relatively minor office in his home state.

"Associates say Mr. Reed, 43, whose picture first appeared on the cover of Time magazine nearly 10 years ago, hopes to use the lieutenant governor's job to position himself to run for Georgia governor. Friends also say the Atlanta-based consultant's long-held ambition is ultimately to win for himself the Republican presidential nomination that, as a campaign adviser, he has helped others to seek."

Given his involvement in the Abramoff/Scanlon/DeLay/Ney Indian Gambling scandal, you would think that this is quite a roll of the dice for the Righteous one. But apparently, word has not truly reached the Peach State about Mr. Reed's, shall we say - somewhat hypocritical behavior,

"The association of Mr. Reed's Atlanta consulting firm, Century Strategies, with two Republicans at the center of a federal gambling investigation involving Indian tribes and casinos has been mentioned in the state's generally Democrat-leaning newspapers, but neither the press nor the state Democratic Party has gone after Mr. Reed. "

Righteous Ralph is evidently not content just helping to elect candidates, he wants to be one,

"...a Republican official and Reed associate said. "Some political operatives are content to be the political teachers, to show people how to run their campaigns - others, like Reed, have been there and done that. They itch to be the candidate, to hold the office."

If Ralph has this ambition, perhaps his mentor should also aim high. What about a Karl Rove candidacy? After all, Rove fancies himself as a modern Mark Hanna. Hanna, President McKinley's Rove, became a U.S. Senator and was briefly considered a possible challenger to T.R. in 1904.

You heard it here first - "Rove-Reed '08 - Why not the Worst!"
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