Friday, February 18, 2005

Georgia on My Mind

The Moose is deeply envious of Georgia Democrats.

It's official - Righteous Ralph is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia -

"After much prayer and reflection, and with a heart filled with anticipation for the bright future for our state, today I write you to announce my candidacy for the office of lieutenant governor of Georgia," Reed wrote.

One almost wants to fall to his knees and thank the Lord for this gift. Georgia Democrats are going to be like mosquitoes in a nudist colony - so many targets of opportunity and so little time. Pat's pet poodle, the architect of the South Carolina slime attack on McCain, the Enron toady, compassionate George's political hit man and a major millionaire player in the Abramoff, DeLay, Scanlon Ney, Indian gambling scandal is throwing his halo into the race.

And as the Moose has previously pointed out, the Georgia #2 job is just the first step on his intended path to the Oval Office. It is all part of the Lord's plan!

But beware, behind those choir boy looks lurks a cunning and devilish political operator. Just note these Godly comments that the Righteous One delivered a few years back,

"I paint my face and travel at night," he once said of his work at the coalition. "You don't know it's over until you're in a body bag. You don't know until election night."

Wonder what Bible scripture that sentiment came from? Those comments are just indicative of the fact that Ralph does not consult the Good Book for his political play book. Just ask former Senator and war hero Max Cleland who was likened to an Osama lover by the Reed gang in Georgia.

Peach State donkeys are not going to have to break a sweat to gather volumes of opposition research on Righteous Ralph. Remember, ridicule is your most potent political tool.

Has anyone registered rollthediceralph.com ?
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