Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bonfire of the Inanities

The Moose observes that the right has become a caricature of the left.

One of conservatives' favorite novels was Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities. The book marvelously provided a not so fictional account of liberalism run amok. The novel perfectly dissected the perils of an ideology that has gone off the rails.

Even a novelist with the skills of Wolfe could not have invented the political circus that is now surrounding the Schiavo tragedy. The story line of the convergence of the conservative demagogues like DeLay, Santorum and Randall Terry with the political ambulance chaser Jesse Jackson could only have been conjured up by the most fertile mind. Where is the Reverend Al when you need him?

Turn on Fox and you have a former Speaker holding forth on the outrage of the abandonment of a woman on her death bed. Was this the same warm-hearted figure who reportedly pressed for a divorce settlement from his first wife who was suffering from cancer? Meanwhile, the Virtues Czar lectures us on the morality of the case before he perhaps catches a plane to Vegas to play the slots.

The right wing hustlers, hucksters and con men are hovering over the case attempting to make a quick buck. Where are Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed when you need them?

While W. made a grand entry earlier in the circus, he is now hiding under the covers out of view. If he feels so strongly about the "culture of life", why isn't he following Pitchfork Pat Buchanan's advice and sending in the Federal Marshals?

Conservatives used to lambaste the left for making the personal - political and exploiting life's tragedies. Now, they have morphed into what they once loathed.

Jesse Jackson and Tom DeLay - perfect together.
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