Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New York's Red State Senators

The Moose salutes the Empire State Senators.

New York's Democratic Senators have figured out the Democratic future. The donkey must reconnect with those voters who share the Democrats economic values but part ways on social values. Without compromising their principles, Senators Schumer and Clinton are making critical efforts to reach those "progressive traditionalists" that have strayed from the party in recent years.

In his role as Chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, Schumer is making an inclusive attempt to recruit candidates in Pennsylvania and perhaps Rhode Island who will appeal to disaffected Democratic pro-life and socially conservative voters. By clearing the field for Bob Casey Jr., Schumer has adroitly both found a strong candidate against Santorum and sent a powerful message to progressive traditionalists that they are welcome in the party.

Moreover, Schumer is withstanding the ire of the left's objection to his outreach. As the Moose has pointed out, it is delightful when a Democrat is also willing to stand up to Hollywood elites,

Speaking of Hollywood elites, Senator Clinton once again proved to the Moose that she is the smartest donkey around by joining with conservative Senators to introduce a bill to research impact of media on children's behavior and development. Combined with her increasingly strong national security credentials and her comments on the culture, Hillary is throwing the vast right wing conspiracy for a loop. Republican Congressman Peter King has commented,

''I'm not going to vote for her and probably disagree with her on 70 percent of the issues,'' he said. ''But I think that too many Republicans who criticize Hillary Clinton sound like Michael Moore criticizing George Bush.''

The truth is that upstate New York is closer to Red State America than the Blue real estate of Manhattan. With the hopeful addition of Governor Spitzer in '06, this Texan Moose will be happy to say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!
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