Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Richard Milhous DeLay

The Moose notes that the Bugman has declared that "He is not a crook."

If only Larry Summers was as doggedly defiant as Tom DeLay. The House Majority Leader has entered the second stage of scandalitis. First stage - denial, second stage - anger, third stage - resignation.

Yesterday, he lashed out at his critics in a Nixonian performance that would have made the Old Man proud. The Washington Post (which was also the target of his ire) reported,

"Speaking at a weekly session with reporters, DeLay alternated between attacks on the news media and attacks on Democrats. "With all the partisan politics of personal destruction that the Democrats have announced and have carried through on, I have yet to be found breaking any House rules," he said. "It is very unfortunate that the Democrats have no agenda. All they can do is try to tear down the House and burn it down in order to gain power."

This is truly rich. The man who was the driving force behind the Clinton impeachment is now whining about "the partisan politics of personal destruction"! What's next? Does Tom DeLay assert that "I did not have a transactional relationship with that man, Jack Abramoff."?

Fortunately for DeLay there is neither a special prosecutor nor a genuine Ethics Committee on his tail since his buddies in the Leadership neutered the panel. Meanwhile the Indian gaming scandal is taking on the dimensions of a Watergate style feeding frenzy with every reporter within I-495 (although the New York Times is strangely silent) hunting down the latest bombshell.

The Moose is waiting for the first reporter to find Newt to see what's on his mind about the betrayal of his reform revolution by his long time foe.
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