Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Black Smoke

The Moose observes black smoke rising over a key election.

No, the Moose is not referring to the election of the next Pope, but rather the next Mayor of New York City. Yesterday, the Moose was grazing in the Big Apple. All of the political community there was abuzz about the possibility that former Senator Bob Kerrey is considering a run for Mayor.

One problem that faces a Kerrey candidacy is that he might have previously committed to lead Democrats for Bloomberg. Oh well, that is one of the reasons that the Moose is enamored with Bob - his unpredictability.

But the Moose asks - why should Kerrey settle for NYC Mayor? Why not set his sights higher? Not that the number one job in the Big Apple is small potatoes, but isn't there a higher calling (excluding the Pope, of course).

2008 is wide open and Democrats should think outside the box. The Moose would beseech Bob to consider focusing on the Oval Office. Gracie Mansion is fine, but why not the White House? The donkey could benefit from a war-hero, ex-red state Governor/Senator, candidate who exudes charisma and star power even if he is a bit eccentric at times.

And what appeals to the Moose is that Kerrey is a straight-talking maverick in the tradition of McCain who would enjoy tremendous appeal with independent voters and even Republican moderates in the heartland.

With all due respect to New York, the Moose suggests that Bob Kerrey has bigger fish to fry.
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