Sunday, April 24, 2005

Don't Leave Home (or the House) Without It

The Moose plugs the Abramoff Express Card.

From the Sunday Washington Post story, DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card

* "$75 from the room bar, $34 from the gift shop, and $422 for chauffeured cars [for DeLay's Chief of Staff.]

* DeLay and his wife, for their part, stayed for four nights in a "conservatory" room at the same hotel in London as Hirschmann, accumulating charges of roughly $790 a night for rooms that included a glass-enclosed porch overlooking London's Park Lane, according to a copy of the bill for their stay and the Web site of the hotel.

* They also ran up hotel charges of $145 for room service, $13 for a valet pressing and $302 for a private car from Heathrow airport, the bill states. Their room bill also lists a charge of $434 for six theater tickets, but Burchfield said the DeLays do not recall attending any plays in London.

* The travel receipts do not make clear how the expenses for the entire trip [St. Andrews, Scotland golf] -- which involved at least 10 people and which two sources said exceeded $120,000 -- were paid."

* Abramoff's Access to DeLay - PRICELESS
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