Friday, April 01, 2005

Stop the Killing

The Moose seconds the call for NATO intervention in Darfur.

Today's New Dem Dispatch,

"It's time for the countries with the will and the capacity to intervene and stop the killing to do so, in conjunction with the OAU force. That means the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy...

"Ideally, this intervention should be authorized as a U.N. mission by Security Council resolution. But there is reason to believe Russia and/or China would veto such a resolution on the ostensible grounds that the United Nations should not intervene in the "internal affairs" of "sovereign nations." This is all the more reason why the United States should strongly support the recent Annan Commission report suggesting that the U.N. charter be amended to make it clear interventions should be authorized in the case of genocide or failed states.

"But if the United Nations cannot act, NATO should. The United States and its European allies have already imposed a visa ban on traveling Sudanese government officials; they should also pursue an arms embargo and freeze Sudanese assets. But right now, military intervention is essential. George W. Bush, whose own former secretary of state, Colin Powell, was the first leading official to call this genocide "genocide," should issue the call, help rally the American people to the cause, and offer every available means of U.S. support."

The world's relative indifference to this tragedy is unconscionable. Perhaps, our dear friends in the "old media" can give the appropriate attention to this matter. Maybe, the blogosphere which prides itself as a check on the mainstream press can also demand focus on this crime.

What about it bloggers?
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