Monday, May 23, 2005

Bordello Defense

The Moose notes that apparently Grover and Ralph were just piano players at the old saloon.

As the Abramoff/DeLay/Reed/Norquist Indian gambling scandal unfolds it appears that some of the principals are employing the "I was only the piano player at the bordello" defense. The Moose can attest that Ralph and Grover are old, close pals of Casino Jack Abramoff going back to their hijinks in the College Republicans. He can even recall when the Abramoff's Marianas Islands clients paraded before the Norquist's Wednesday Morning conservative coffee clache as the latest right wing cause.

Now, however, both Ralph and Grover are claiming that they were completely ignorant of any nefarious doings by their old pal. A curious case of amnesia perhaps. Or are they headed for the tall grass as the feds may be on their tails? In any event, it is not exactly a profile in loyalty. Consider this in today's New York Times,

"As Mr. Abramoff's problems touched Mr. DeLay - the majority leader may face an ethics inquiry over trips arranged by Mr. Abramoff - Mr. Norquist was their most vocal defender. But in recent weeks he has distanced himself from the two men whose success has been so intertwined with his own.

At a gala dinner this month to support Mr. DeLay, Mr. Norquist declined a seat on the dais, despite being listed as a host. He slipped out after a predinner reception, he said later, for a dinner party at his home.

Mr. Abramoff attended his wedding on April 2, yet Mr. Norquist described him as simply a "friend," someone he has lunch or dinner with a few times a year. "I knew him when we were in college," he said. "But there's no business or financial relationship."

Mr. Norquist later elaborated: "I haven't seen that much of him recently, and I don't - and it's mostly because - I'm not shunning him or anything. It's just, I'm busy, he's busy, he's in a different world. He took the path I didn't take, which was to go make money as a consultant, and I decided to build A.T.R."

It makes one almost feel sorry for Casino Jack! Where is the love?
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