Friday, July 15, 2005

Reviling Rove

The Moose urges the donkey not to obsess on Karl.

No one can match the Moose in his loathing of Karl Rove. Rove is the purveyor of the worst in American politics. It would be a grand day if he takes the perp walk.

Ultimately though, his fate is in the hands of the grand jury and the special counsel - or according to the latest reports - in the hands of Bob Novak. Either they have the goods on him or they don't. We'll know soon. In the meantime, if the Democrats obsess on him and he is innocent of the charges, he could re-emerge even stronger. If he or another member of the Administration is indicted, however, it will be devastating and the Democrats will have little to do with it.

Republicans have a problem in linking themselves so closely with Karl. If he falls, they will also pay the price because of their identification with their evil master. Yesterday, it was amusing to witness Rove's puppet Senators coming to his defense. The monkeys obey the organ grinder! Is the entire GOP intimidated by Karl? Republicans have clearly placed their integrity in a blind trust.

Meanwhile, according to the latest polls, America views both the Republicans and the Democrats with disdain. Since the Republicans control power, they will probably be hurt more than the Democrats by Washington's growing unpopularity. But, the donkey doesn't necessarily benefit when Americans believe that they are also out of touch with their concerns.

The point is that the Democrats can't merely be the party of "no" - or "we hate Karl". While we are seething with our justifiable anger, the Republican Chairman is making serious overtures to the African-American community. And what kind of effective out reach is the Democratic Party making to groups that have been estranged from the party in recent years?

The politics of scandal do not always pay off for the opposition party. In the 1988 campaign, Iran-contra did not doom an incumbent Veep with ties to the scandal. And Democrats actually made gains in 1998 in the midst of the Lewinsky frenzy.

Surely the donkey should be pursue Rove, but Democrats should not be consumed with him. The Moose revels in the reviling of Rove. But, at the end of the day, there are other tasks at hand.
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