Friday, September 23, 2005

God Bless Texas

The Moose prays for his people.

As Rita bears down on the Texas coast, the Moose's thoughts are turned toward home. As part of the Lone Star State diaspora, the Moose's heart is still deep in the heart of Texas.

While all the talk is rightly about the impending hurricane, let us first reflect on some positive news. The spirit of Sam Houston independent style politics is alive and well! Kinky Friedman is well on his way to the Governor's mansion. The first Bill Hillsman commercial has been released - must see TV. A highly unscientific but encouraging San Antonio Express-News on-line poll shows the Kinkster in the lead -

"If the election were today, who would get your vote for Texas governor?Kinky Friedman 32.6%Chris Bell 24.8%Rick Perry 15.9%Carole Keeton Strayhorn 15.8%Someone else 10.9%"

And the mainstream press is increasingly taking Kinky's candidacy seriously (seriously!). From the Houston Chronicle,

"Republican activist Betty Sterquell, 77, of Amarillo, said there are Friedman bumper stickers across her city. Sterquell attended her first gubernatorial inauguration in 1939 for another singer-turned-politician, "Pappy" Lee O'Daniel.

"We all thought he was goofy with his 'Pass the biscuits, Pappy' and his Light Crust Doughboys, and he just walked away with it," Sterquell said.

"Everybody is laughing about (Friedman), but they say he could probably do just about as well as the people who are there now," she said.

Friedman said he thinks people are desperate for a change from politics as usual.

"I'm not as serious as the people I'm meeting," he said. "They're taking me seriously."

The Moose believes that the nation benefits from healthy political parties. However, at the moment, both appear to be in a sad shape. The GOP is the party of cronyism, corruption and (in)competence. The Democrats are only animated by a blind rage against Bush. Statesmenship and thoughtfulness are rare occurrences.

A Kinkster victory in '06 would shake the political world. It would send distinct message to the Republican and Democratic elites that the folks are tired of partisan business as usual. And it also might prod the '08 Presidential candidates to reach out to the center that is not represented by either party.

Who knows, it might even inspire a Bull Moose type candidacy. And that is yet another reason why the Moose is rooting for the Kinkster.

But far, far more important than politics is the safety of Texas . All of our prayers and wishes are extended to the Moose's beloved home state and its neighbor as Texas girds itself for the coming storm.

May God protect the people of Texas and Louisiana.
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