Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Open Letter to the President

The Moose insists that the President not bail out on his nominee.

Dear Mr. President,

Can we talk Texan to Texan?

Real men do not cave-in to the howling mob. One riot, one Ranger. Back in Central Texas where the Moose comes from and you reside part-time, they don't take kindly to a craven capitulation to a bunch of right wing Eastern elitists who want to humiliate a lady. The Moose is referring to the conservative cabal who demand that Harriet withdraw.

This is a clear test of your manhood. Why should Osama fear you if you cower in the face of a Bork WSJ editorial? You know Harriet's heart and all they care about is whether she bent her brain around the commerce clause. She has stood with you through thick and thin and now is not the time for running for the tall grass.

You must choose the upright Christian woman over right wing Straussians. These propeller-heads would rather spend a day mulling over original intent in D.C than clearing brush in Crawford. These conservatives are never satisfied. You gave them tax cuts. You went to war. You interrupted your vacation for that Schiavo lady. And now they are denigrating a woman who thinks you walk on water!

The chutzpah (that's Jewish for gall) of them all!

No, Mr. President - you must stand your ground. You can't let an effete bow-tie clad scribbler named George Will and a rogue former White House speech writer push you around. The Axis of Wuses can't tell the POTUS what to do! And the Moose will be watching for an "easy out" - Harriet supposedly saying that she's had enough. That just won't do. There were no back doors at the Alamo.

Ignore the chatter that you betrayed the "base". Consider how these same pointy headed intellectuals attacked your dad. They have never trusted the Bushes even after everything you did for them. Always remember, it is part of your family's pedigree that loyalty trumps ideology.

Mr. President, the Moose understands that you are frustrated by their ingratitude. The best way to show them is to put Harriet on the court. Besides, you would never forgive yourself if you pushed the eject button on a foxhole friend.

Mr. President - tell the mob - Don't Mess with Texas, Don't Mess with Miers!

Yours for Texas,
The Moose
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