Thursday, November 17, 2005

That 70's Show

The Moose returns to the nation's capital by means of a time machine.

The Moose returns after a brief, but wonderful trip to the homeland - the Lone Star State. More on that tomorrow. For now, the Moose would like to express his sincere appreciation to the Rough Rider for a Bully! performance.

Although he was only gone for only three days, it could have been three decades. Ever since last week, W. has morphed into a poor man's version of RMN - Dick Nixon himself. They have hunkered down in the White House bunker and have decided to question their political opponents' patriotism. Old Dick Cheney will probably soon hire Pat Buchanan to make him sound more Agnew-like.

These neo-Nixonians are losing the war. Not necessarily losing the war on the ground in Iraq, but rather the war at home. By lashing out at their opponents instead of providing the truth, the Bushies are undermining public support for the war. If the Iraqis are abandoned, the fault will lie at the doorstep of this President both for failing to have an effective post war plan and for pushing his political opponents to an anti-war stance.

The Moose continues to believe it would be a disaster for the United States to abandon the Kurds and Shiites and Sunni democrats to the tender mercies of the Baathists. He will not become a McGovernite on this war - he is a Scoop Jackson mammal. But, this Administration is making it more difficult for those who believe that it would be a disaster to "cut and run." Last week, John McCain offered a plausible and positive alternative to the Administration's policy. Too bad the Administration did not embrace that message instead of their "Democratic back stabbers" approach.

And finally, what is it with Bob Woodward? In the 70's he was all about exposing scandals, and now he is perpetuating one. Woodward has become the anti-Woodward.

Yes, history is repeating itself as farce. It's disco time!
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