Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two, Three, Many Sharons

The Moose praises the Israeli P.M.

Arik Sharon made a gutsy move. By leaving Likud and creating a new party, Sharon struck a blow for international centrism. It was a Bully! act.

What Sharon did was essentially the opposite of "base" policies here in the United States. Rather than pandering to the most ardent supporters of a "Greater Israel", he left them in order to make compromises for Israel's security.

Of course, in a parliamentary system, a politician has more options than merely to accommodate the factions of your party that you abhor or with which you differ. In this country, if you seek leadership in a party, you just appease those elements that you otherwise despise.

Or do you? The Moose senses that there will be a broad spectrum of primary voters in '08 that will be seeking a different kind of politician who doesn't pander, but offers some straight talk - who puts the national interest first. The name of Sharon's party tells a story that should be emulated in America - National Responsibility Party.

Sharon put it well,

"Staying in the Likud means wasting time on political struggles, rather than acting on behalf of the state."

Hopefully, Arab leaders will also follow the Sharon example. Anwar Sadat was the last Arab leader to actually take risks for peace. Of course, he paid for that gutsy move with his life. Yet, maybe, just maybe, the mood is changing in the Arab world. Indeed, an Israeli leader also sacrificed his life for peace. That is what makes Sharon's actions in the past year more than mundane - they are heroic.

Here's some political analysis that you will not get anywhere else (with good reason). The era of base politics is over. The future belongs to tough-minded "immoderate centrists" - the likes of Sharon, Biden, McCain and Giuliani.

And 2006 will be the year of the Centrist Jewboys - from Jerusalem to Austin! Kinky meet Arik!
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