Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mayor Ed

The Moose admires Ed Koch.

Many years ago when the Moose was a student at N.Y.U. he went to visit his Congressman about the war in Viet Nam. Rather than being treated to the usual blather about "hearing your concerns", the Congressman rather abruptly said, "Why are you wasting your time coming to see me? You know I'm with you and here's a New York City flag pin, and be on your way."

At first, the Moose was a bit taken aback by the brusque reception, but then he realized that it was a waste of time for both of us. That Congressman was the future Mayor of the Big Apple, Ed Koch. The Moose has always had a soft spot for the Hizzhonor. Although he was not the perfect mayor, he revived the city's spirits and pulled it out of the ditch. Ed Koch was a refreshing politician - direct and a straight talker.

The Moose also is fond of the Ed Koch because he represents the type of Democrat with whom he identifies. Koch epitomizes a Democrat who advocates a strong safety net and a sturdy web of national security - a progressive hawk. Koch is an old school Truman, JFK, Scoop Democrat.

The Moose was reminded of why he likes Koch by this piece on Real Clear Politics. In decrying the latest GOP budget cuts, Mayor Ed writes,

"I deplore fascism, socialism and communism. I'm a believer in the capitalist system that allows you, subject to reasonable restraints and taxes, to use for your own benefit and that of your family your personal abilities -- the skill of your hands and the power of your brain.

"But I also believe just as firmly in fairness, which requires us to help those who need government assistance. It's not fair that those with the necessary ability should be denied the opportunity to pursue a higher education because they were born into the homes of financially poor parents. The country needs their talents. It is simply wrong that people should suffer because the country’s legislators favor helping those already better off. They are so shameless they have even eliminated subsidies intended to help poor families with their heating bills."

After all those years, Mayor Koch's passion still fiercely burns. He is funny, tough and no nonsense. He represents the best of the Big Apple.

And Ed Koch is a throw back to a Democratic tradition that is badly in need of a revival.
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