Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bytes and Bite

The Moose reiterates that Democrats should just simply ignore the bloggers.

Congressman Cuellar's primary victory in the Great State of Texas is just another example of the fact that there are more bytes than bite in the blogosphere. One could say that the bloggers crashed at the gates and now they must move on. Yes, you can raise money on the internet, but not necessarily votes. At the end of the day, Democrats should be spending far more time at mega-churches and at exurban malls than in the blogosphere.

In fact, if Democratic leaders want to be in touch with the voters they need they would be better served viewing re-runs of King of the Hill than reading most blogs.

The Republicans are collapsing and the only thing that can save them are the Democrats. The donkey should be reaching out to Republican moderates and independent voters than wasting their time appealing to the netroots. And there is no evidence that the bloggers have any particular political expertise or insight even into the base Democrats, much less the all-valuable swing voters. It is a giant echo left wing chamber that makes much noise, but does not exert much clout.

As the Moose has repeatedly pointed out, most voters never read a blog or even know they exist. And the blogosphere is generally an ideologically charged phenomena that is completely unrepresentative of most Americans. Conservatives outnumber liberals by a wide margin in this country, and the challenge for the liberal party is to persuade the middle - and they do not reside at urls.

The blogosphere is fun, entertaining and informative, but not all that politically significant.
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