Monday, May 29, 2006

Honor Our Heroes

The Moose reflects on Memorial Day.

On this Memorial Day weekend, the Moose was privileged to attend the retirement ceremony of a friend who was leaving the Navy after twenty years of service to our nation. At the moving ceremony, the Moose reflected on the innumerable sacrifices that those who serve in uniform and their families make so, as Orwell commented, "men can sleep peacefully in their beds at night."

Americans have it easy. We take so much for granted. Our freedoms and prosperity are unmatched. And all we have is secure because brave men and women are willing to go into harms way to defend our way of life. Indeed, they also make incredible sacrifices for the hope that millions of people in foreign lands can also enjoy liberty.

On this day, we remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Please take a moment and read this reflection by a Marine who fought along side with fellow heroes who gave their lives so that we may be free. Wade Zirkle writes,

"... I take enormous pride in how my fellow servicemen fought, how they lived, and now take time to truly remember their sacrifice. Our brave men and women in uniform – both past and present – are the storm that gives chase to evil and safe harbor to liberty. Their loss can and should be mourned, but their character and commitment should be celebrated. That is how our great warriors should be remembered on this day, Memorial Day."

Let us express our profound gratitude to these heroes.
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