Monday, September 25, 2006

Declaration of Independence

The Moose is not alone.

As Mooseketeers know, the Moose is an independent mammal - neither donkey nor elephant. Consequently, this is an odd time of year for him.

Why is this such a strange period? Because partisans on both side of the aisle are excited, concerned and inflamed about their parties' fate in November. In contrast, the Moose is bemused.

Take a Xanax all ye fevered fanatics of the right and the left! Whatever party prevails in November will be forced to govern from the center - mathematics mandates it.

That's the funny thing - the left and the right fight - and the middle wins.

The truth is that the public is not swooning over either party. This is an environment in which immoderate moderates thrive - and the future may be ours.

As David Broder perceptively points out in yesterday's Washington Post, this is the moderate moment. He writes,

"But still the forces of the independent center are gaining. The public disgust with the breakdown of Congress as a functioning institution has liberated more House and Senate candidates to challenge the status quo. They may be the same people, but they're not behaving the same way."

The nutroot nudnicks were deeply angered by Broder's piece. Perhaps their defensiveness was triggered by the fear that he may indeed be correct - soon their minutes of fame may soon expire! And their nattering negatavism leads the donkey astray. The great opportunity that may be missed by the donkey is non-partisan partisanship - offering Americans an alternative to the fruitless bickering in Washington.

Joe Lieberman's declaration of independence in Connecticut may establish a precedent. There is an alternative to the petty polaraizing partisans. The new exciting insurgent of the center is Joe. The Moose urges all Mooseketeers to view this marvelous Joe ad - here.

The vital center is where the action is in the future. If the two parties can't figure this out, then other alternatives will emerge.

Bull Moose...
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