Friday, October 22, 2004

Right Rout

The Moose detects a shift in the Zeitgeist.

Sinclair Broadcast's retreat over the airing of the anti-Kerry film "Stolen Honor" may signify a shift in the political/cultural correlation of forces. Under assault from a grassroots campaign of consumer groups, internet lefties and institutional investors, Sinclair withdrew faster than the Union forces at the First Battle of Bull Run. Sinclair Executives witnessed their stock collapsing and then saw the light. The left's pressure on advertisers had its intended effect.

The Moose was reminded of another grassroots effort by the right a decade ago. Back in 1994, Congressional Democrats inserted a provision in an education bill that was interpreted as regulating home schoolers. In response, home schoolers and their religious conservative allies launched a ferocious campaign to remove the provision. The Congressional switchboard was overwhelmed by the home school assault. The offending proposal was quickly withdrawn.

Many viewed this home school effort against the Democrats back then as a harbinger of the Republican ascendancy that year. The right was lean, mean and hungry for power after two years of Democratic rule in the White House and Congress.

Don't get the Moose wrong. He is not suggesting that there is going to be a Democratic wave this year similar to that of '94 - that's highly unlikely. But, what the Moose is observing is that the left now has that hungry look while the right is increasingly fat and lazy feasting on the fruits of power. Yesterday's conservative revolutionaries are today's fat cat lobbyists. And many right-wingers have merely become sycophants and shills for the Republican power brokers.

Come to think of it - maybe the best thing for the right would be a Kerry victory! Divided government was just swell for conservatives in the nineties - they had a dynamic movement, restrained spending, entitlement reform, tax cuts and a balanced budget. Conservative brethren - consider Kerry - he can return the good old days!
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