Sunday, November 21, 2004

Faith Based Charity

The Moose is touched by the outpouring of charity for the Bug Man.

Newsweek reports today that the Concierge of K Street, Mr. Delay, is the recipient of the largesse of good hearted people who deeply care about his future,

DeLay is quietly raking in fresh bundles of cash from GOP colleagues and big corporate donors for another highly personal cause: paying off his mounting legal bills.

A NEWSWEEK tally shows that a special legal-defense fund created by DeLay in 2000 has collected more than $932,000, including $370,000 in the past four months alone.

But the Moose is shocked, shocked that some of this money may be from the wages of sin,

But much of the rest of the cash comes from a posse of corporate donors such as Texas horse-racing magnate Charles Hurwitz, who, along with his company, Maxxam, has chipped in $10,000 to pay DeLay's legal debts. (Hurwitz also has contributed an additional $24,000 to other DeLay campaign committees in recent years.) Hurwitz and DeLay have a long relationship: when Hurwitz was facing a suit by federal regulators for allegedly defrauding a savings and loan in 1999, DeLay interceded with the chief federal bank regulator in an unsuccessful attempt to get her agency to back off the case.

But the faint-hearted might want to avert their eyes, because it gets worse,

Hurwitz's most recent cause is getting legislation in Texas to permit video lottery and blackjack terminals at his Houston racetrack. To that end, Maxxam donated $50,000 to the campaign coffers of Texas Gov. Rick Perry as well as an additional $5,000 to DeLay's Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC), the committee at the center of Earle's probe into the improper use of corporate cash in Texas races.

Will there be gambling in Sugarland, Texas' most righteous leader's backyard? Oh good Lord, can it be true that such an upright Christian Man as the Majority Leader would take money from such sources?

The Moose is so disillusioned!

But, the Newsweek piece suggests that justice may be done,

Earle, who was denounced by one House Republican last week as a "partisan crackpot district attorney," declined to say whether he will ultimately indict DeLay or any more of his corporate donors. But he strongly hinted to NEWSWEEK there is more to come. "This investigation is a little like clowns coming out of a Volkswagen in the circus," he said. "There's always another clown coming out."

DeLay as Bozo?
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