Monday, November 15, 2004

Lieberman for State

The Moose gets a head start on the Great Mentioner.

Secretary Powell is a great American who was a good influence on this Administration. Now that he is leaving, this is a prime opportunity for the President to make good on his failed pledge to be a uniter and not a divider. The Moose nominates Joe Lieberman. He is generally on the same page as the Administration on Iraq but is much more more of multilateralist than the Bush national security team. For instance, as Secretary of State, Lieberman can move the Administration on the issue of global warming which is important to many Europeans.

Some will caution against a Jewish Secretary of State with all the turmoil in the Muslim Middle East. The Moose begs to differ. Lieberman has good relations with Arab leaders and he could be a prime candidate to pull off a "Nixon goes to China."

The Moose longs for bi-partisanship in the formation and execution of our foreign policy, particularly at a time of war. If not Lieberman, the President should opt for another genuine Democrat for this critical position.
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