Monday, November 15, 2004

No Quack to be Heard

The Moose warns Democrats that this Administration will not rest on its laurels.
The White House is moving at lightening speed in consolidating its victory of two weeks ago. While some Democrats continue to ruminate over whether the Diebold machines robbed them of an Ohio victory, President Bush is cleaning house, announcing domestic policy initiatives and launching an offensive in Iraq. Even critics such as the Moose have to recognize that W. has a new confidence in his speech and overall demeanor.

It appears that the donkey won't have the luxury of governance by a lame duck for quite a while. The most striking aspect of this new Republican agenda is to cast the GOP as the reform party.

Democrats should realize that given this emboldened Bush Administration, there is no longer any time for introspection. The donkey must quickly repair to the laboratory and devise his own reform agenda. As the Moose has indicated before, Democrats must now become the insurgent party that offers bold reform solutions to shake up the government. Reactive politics will be insufficient.

Time is of the essence for it is clear that the Republicans intend to strike quickly and boldly.
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