Monday, November 22, 2004

Red, White and Blue Politics

The Moose applauds these excerpts from a speech delivered by John McCain last week in New Hampshire,

...We have real enemies in this world, who are trying to kill us and destroy our superior way of life. Whatever our differences, we are all Americans first, last, and always. We are not enemies, but comrades in a fight against a real enemy. We are patriots, each of us trying by our own lights to make America a stronger, safer, better place. We should honor each other's service not denigrate it as unworthy...

...There are many, too many, fine young American boys and girls, wonderful, loving, steadfast and true, who are sacrificing their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan to defend those values and our security, and to present to the world the true image of America as a deeply idealistic country. The least, the very least, America's elected officials can do to honor their sacrifices, is to keep our partisan and personal interests where they rightly belong - subordinate to the national interest. That's what our soldiers have done. That's what most Americans do. Now it's our turn.

Good thoughts for Thanksgiving Week.
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