Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Silver Lining

The Moose notes some bright spots for Democrats.

The Moose possesses a Masters of Social Work from a major midwestern institution of higher learning (Go Blue). He is therefore a semi-professional in assuaging the emotions of distraught donkeys. He is committed to finding the pony in this pile.

The Moose has no doubt that the Elephant will over-reach in the second Bush term. Second terms have been historically ugly for Presidents, and there is no reason to believe otherwise this time around. Scandals will emerge and power will corrupt. For instance, all Mooseketeers should keep an eagle eye on the Indian Gambling hearings that will resume in the Senate next week. This ugly matter involves key players in the Republican establishment including cronies of Tom Delay, Ralph Reed and other political scoundrels. And, it is only a matter of time, that the corruption of power catches up with the concierge of K Street and chief House bug man.

All of this is not to mean that the donkey can relax and watch the elephant implode. Far from it. As the Moose has mentioned, Democrats need a major overhaul. They cannot concede the south and expect to lay claim to the White House and Congress any time soon. Organization is fine - ideas and message are far superior. It also wouldn't hurt the donkey to get in touch with rural voters and the exurbs - Virgina Governor Mark Warner can be helpful with that. And the Moose adds as a former big-wig with the Christian Coalition - it wouldn't hurt if some Democratic elites attended Pentecostal camp meetings.

Finally, the Moose wants to salute Congressman Chet Edwards. He is a Democratic hero. He represents the Waco Dr. Pepper Museum, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and the Bush Ranch. And he was the only Democratic House Member to survive the DeLay redistricting purge. As the Moose hails from Edward's district, he tips his antlers to him.
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