Friday, December 24, 2004

Cheer Up, Rummy

The Moose observes that this must be a first for a Secretary of Defense to visit the troops on the front lines in order to boost his own spirits.

The Moose has no problem with Rummy making a surprise trip to Iraq as part of the SECDEF's "Keep my Job" tour. One wonders whether the Defense Department will issue satin jackets with the "Retain Rummy" official logo to commemorate this historic visit with the troops.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports this morning that Secretary Powell advised the President and Tony Blair after the election that we had too few troops in Iraq. And Powell is the one leaving the cabinet? The Post story also informs us that behind closed doors Administration officials are far more concerned about the situation in Iraq than they let on,

"The disclosure of the sessions indicates that, privately, there has been more concern at the top levels of the Bush administration about the conduct of the U.S. mission there than officials have shown publicly."

Say it aint so! Should we really to believe our lying eyes that Iraq has steadily devolved into chaos since our valiant Commander-In-Chief performed his victory lap on the Lincoln? The Moose is so disillusioned!

The other big story is that Washington has become the political Sunni triangle of conservatism as the forces of Rumsfeld battle his adversaries within the Republican Party. As the Moose has pointed out previously the interesting division next year will be between Republicans. It could the domestic version of the Sunni vs. Shia showdown.

The Moose is confused...weren't the Republicans the ones who enjoyed a decisive victory in November?

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