Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Foxy Imitation

The Moose offers a programming suggestion for CNN.

Everyone complains about the liberal media, but Fox did something about it. The Moose is referring to the fact that Fox News has experienced great success by positioning itself as an explicitly center-right news outlet. Roger Ailes is the Karl Rove of network news programming and he has deservedly achieved great success with his edgy and entertaining network. With the shrewdly ironic slogan "Fair and Balanced", Fox News is pounding the other cable networks in ratings.

CNN has been the primary victim of Fox's success. Although it is tacitly the favorite of liberals, CNN is a much more serious news organization in attempting to actually serve as a "Fair and Balanced" outlet. And, as mentioned previously, it is consistently being trounced by Fox.

The Moose is a mammal of the center. He is approaching the following advice, wearing his media analyst antlers. It occurs to the Moose that CNN has a potential audience in the 57 million or so Americans who voted for Kerry. The right would respond to this statement by arguing that these Americans already enjoy access to the "liberal" mainstream media. But the Moose counters that these outlets are hardly as explicitly liberal as Fox News is brazenly conservative.

While there are far fewer liberals than conservatives in America, the potential of a 57 million viewer market is nothing to sneeze at. Why haven't the wise guys at CNN figured this out? Keep the serious reportage - but eliminate the dull and dry. And dare to be explicitly left of center!

This is the type of advice that CNN could pay millions for and the Moose just dispensed it at no cost. Of course, the old adage tell us you get what you pay for.

The Moose opines, you decide.
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