Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Keep Rumsfeld

An open-minded Moose touched by the spirit of the season is persuaded by the President that the Secretary of Defense should be retained.

The Moose has long believed that Rumsfeld should move on. His failure to heed the calls for more troops and the failed post-war plan suggested that he should be fired or gracefully step aside. However, the President yesterday convinced him otherwise.

With the same stunning accuracy that the President evaluated the vital organ of Russian President Putin, our Cardiologist-In-Chief declared that he knows the SECDEF's heart. Senator Frist must be seething with envy. Perhaps, while he was earning his MBA, W. also audited classes at the Harvard Medical School.

Or maybe the President's psychological prowess was on display. Dr. Phil could learn much from our President.

It used to be that conservatives denounced liberals for elevating sentiments and intentions above results. Maybe, this is what is meant by compassionate conservatism.

Upon reflection, the Moose has concluded that Secretary Rumsfeld is the embodiment of this Administration - incompetence leavened by arrogance. Why should he be held accountable for grave mistakes that his superiors have not acknowledged? To paraphrase Rumsfeld, a failed plan was executed by the Secretary of Defense we have. The late former Secretary of Defense Les Aspin should have been as fortunate to have had such a boss who indulged fatal errors.

Unlike Secretaries O'Neill and Powell, Donald Rumsfeld is the perfect Bushman. That point was effectively, if not unintentionally captured by Rumsfeld defender Frank Gaffney in today's Washington Times,

"Most of those seeking Mr. Rumsfeld's dismissal hope Mr. Bush will overlook the fact that the secretary is his most faithful and capable Cabinet officer in the execution of the president's policies. "

Yes, indeed, the Secretary is truly the President's man. It would be cravenly disloyal for him to let Rumsfeld go. He now must stay for the duration.
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