Monday, December 06, 2004

The Profits of Values

In today's sermon, Pastor Moose preaches that sometimes we cling by a slender reed to the ways of the Lord.

Brother Ralph Reed delivers the Word to the heathen donkey in USA Today titled, "So who were those values voters?",

"Values voters, in the South or the heartland, are concerned about preserving marriage, protecting children from violent or sexually explicit entertainment, teaching the same values in school that are taught at home and reducing the number of teen pregnancies and abortions. More than any single issue, they seek to redress a coarsening of the culture and a loss of civility. They want a family-friendly society that is compassionate to the needy and holds people accountable for their conduct...

"The American people have always viewed politics through a prism of faith, and they naturally seek leaders who share their values and stands on the issues."
Ralph Reed was chairman of Bush-Cheney '04 in the Southeast region

And now, my fellow lovers of the Lord, please read in unison from this excerpt from the Washington Post, September, 26, 2004,

"Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and public relations consultant Michael Scanlon quietly worked with conservative religious activist Ralph Reed to help the state of Texas shut down an Indian tribe's casino in 2002, then the two quickly persuaded the tribe to pay $4.2 million to try to get Congress to reopen it...

"Ten days after the Tigua Indians' $60 million-a-year casino was shuttered in February 2002, Abramoff wrote a tribal representative that he would get Republicans in Congress to rectify the "gross indignity perpetuated by the Texas state authorities," assuring him that he had already lined up "a couple of Senators willing to ram this through," according to the e-mails...

"What he did not reveal was that he and Scanlon had been paying Reed, an avowed foe of gambling, to encourage public support for Cornyn's effort to close two Indian casinos in Texas. Abramoff, one of Washington's powerhouse Republican lobbyists until his work came under scrutiny by law enforcement agencies this year, has long been close to Reed, former executive director of the Christian Coalition and now southern regional chairman of President Bush's reelection campaign. Both have political ties to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), as does Scanlon, who had served as his spokesman...

"Reed was paid $4.2 million by Abramoff and Scanlon for his work opposing several tribal casinos in southern states from 2001 to 2003, government sources said...

"We knew that Greenberg Traurig was recruiting coalition members and raising funds as well, but we had no direct knowledge of their clients or interests," Reed's office said in a written statement. "At no time were we retained by nor did we represent any casino or casino company."

Brothers and sisters - isn't it amazing that when you are as upright as Brother Reed, you don't even suspect that others might not be. And besides, a lot of good tithing for the sacred elephant can come from $4.2 million. Let us all say, Praise the Lord!

Since the devout and values-based Mr. Reed was a chairman of the Bush campaign, perhaps he was just inspired by this thought from his Leader that was found in Sunday's Washington Post,

"We think of the patient hope of men and women across the centuries who listened to the words of the profits and lived in joyful expectation."
-- A White House transcript of President Bush's speech at the Christmas tree lighting on Thursday. Nineteen minutes later, a corrected transcript changed "profits" to "prophets."

Pastor Moose can only conclude that when you walk on the path of the Lord, good things will come your way.
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