Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Republican Freeloaders

The Moose warns the donkey to beware of elephants bearing gifts.

Who says there is no free lunch? In fact, the free lunch Bushies are suggesting that they have a social security reform plan that is cost-free, makes the system solvent and guarantees prosperity. Did they also say that it cures male pattern balding, bunions, hangnails, and the heartache of psoriasis? The snake oil salesmen of old have nothing on this crowd. Where is the Federal Trade Commission when you need it?

Fortunately some truth tellers showed up in today's New York Times in an article appropriately titled, Most G.O.P. Plans to Remake Social Security Involve Deep Cuts to Tomorrow's Retirees -

"But nearly every leading Republican proposal on Capitol Hill acknowledges that private accounts by themselves do little to solve the system's projected shortfall of at least $3.5 trillion. Instead, those proposals rely on deep cuts in benefits to future retirees.

That uncomfortable political truth was driven home on Monday by the head of the investigative arm of Congress.

"The creation of private accounts for Social Security will not deal with the solvency and sustainability of the Social Security fund," that official, David M. Walker, comptroller general of the Government Accountability Office, said in a speech on Monday.

Or, as Thomas Saving, a Republican-appointed trustee to the Social Security trust fund put it last week: "Fundamentally, if you don't reduce the benefits, you don't reduce the debt."

Clearly, these folks are pagan economic heathens. Don' they appreciate the mystical healing powers of the President to sweep away all deficits and reward the citizens with manifold benefits at no cost? Oh, yee of little faith!

The Medicare prescription drug bill is a cautionary tale for any donkey who is tempted by the pitch of the G.O.P. Tin Men. They lied about the cost and their buddies in the drug industry enjoyed a bonanza.

The Moose bellows, Caveat Emptor!
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