Thursday, December 30, 2004

Seize the Day

The Moose notes an opportunity missed but not lost.

All of the world is overwhelmed by the tsunami tragedy. It is far from a time for politics, but it inevitably intrudes. The UN bureaucrat's remarks about the alleged stinginess of the West were unfortunate and misplaced. Could the United States and the West do more? Of course. However, that begs the question. If not for America and the industrialized nations there would not be any significant humanitarian relief. If the Saudis, for instance, would only be as generous in funding tsunami relief as they are in spreading fundamentalist hate, the world would be far better off.

And if President Bush would have been as quick to respond to this disaster as he was to the Democrats in the past campaign, America's image would be far better off. It was striking to hear a Bush media consultant brag the other day about the campaign's rapid response to the Kerry comment about "voting for the Iraq aid before voting against it". Contrast that prompt media response with the President's delayed appearance on this disaster.

This is clearly a moment for the U.S. both to do some good for those suffering and repair our image in the world. Perhaps, the President should consider cutting his vacation short and taking charge of the international effort?

This is a disaster of Biblical proportions. It deserves more than a prosaic response.
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