Saturday, December 25, 2004

T.R. Christmas

For the next few days, the Moose will be communing with the Reindeer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"The Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt family Christmas traditions were quite simple. On Christmas Eve, they would pile into the family sleigh (later the motor car) and travel to Christ Church in Oyster Bay, New York. Following the pastor's sermon, TR would deliver one of his famous "sermonettes" on the meaning of the holiday. The service would close with one of his favorite hymns "Christmas By the Sea." On Christmas morning, gifts would be opened and then the family would spend the day hiking, playing games, and going for sleigh rides.

Another fact about "TR" that most people probably don't know is that for many years he played Santa Claus at a school in Oyster Bay, New York, listening to the children and then giving them Christmas presents that he had selected himself. "

- From the Herbert Hoover Library
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