Thursday, January 06, 2005

Antlered Chair

The Moose whimsically wonders if there could be a dark horse candidate in the race for DNC Chair?

As the race for the next Chairman for the DNC heats up, why not consider an unconventional mammal for the office? All of the announced and likely candidates have attractive qualities and one of them could certainly become a credible Chairman. But, why not think outside the antlers, as it were?

What about a Chairman who hails from the reddest of red states, a former Republican, ex-union official who worked with devout Christians and is Jewish and has well-defined ties to the McCainiac-independent voter? And all of the candidates express their appreciation of the power of the Internet, why not a Chairman who resides there? The Moose - what's not to like!

The antlered one could certainly give the donkey a well-placed kick in the behind and transform him into a reform animal. And the Moose certainly knows the adversary since he was once privy to the counsels of the DeLays, Santorums, Norquists and Reeds.

The Moose shouldn't make a hasty decision. Perhaps he should embark upon a listening tour of the blogosphere and hear from the Mooseketeers.

Ok, it's a fanciful thought. But the next DNC Chair should certainly be as strong as a Bull Moose! Even if it is a two legged mammal.
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