Monday, January 24, 2005

Born and Unborn

The Moose provides analysis on the President's "pro-life" language.

As the Moose expected, the President delivered a telephone message to the anti-abortion rally today. What is interesting about the message, is that its language would be considered to be quite liberal and progressive if it was applied to the born as well as the unborn.

Consider -

"You know, we come from many backgrounds -- different backgrounds, but what unites us is our understanding that the essence of civilization is this: The strong have a duty to protect the weak. (Applause.)

"I appreciate so very much your work toward building a culture of life-- (applause) -- a culture that will protect the most innocent among us and the voiceless. We are working to promote a culture of life, to promote compassion for women and their unborn babies. (Applause.) We know -- we know that in a culture that does not protect the most dependent, the handicapped, the elderly, the unloved, or simply inconvenient become increasingly vulnerable. "

One does not have to be pro-life to appreciate that Catholic Church policy is consistent with the President's message. The Catholic Church and Catholic Charities do indeed support private and governmental social services for the born as well as the unborn. They adhere to the "seamless garment" social philosophy.

The Bush Administration is another matter. In the next few weeks, expect the Bushies to introduce an austerity budget that cuts those very programs that "protect the most dependent." All of the cutbacks, of course, have been precipitated by the deficit that was created by the Bush tax cuts for the comfortable.

Yes, Mr. President, as you stated today, "The strong have a duty to protect the weak." Even after they are born.
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