Sunday, January 02, 2005


The Moose notes an important media development in Casinogate.

So far, with some notable exceptions, most of the mainstream media has devoted only limited attention to the Abramoff/Scanlon/DeLay/Reed/Ney/Norquist Indian gaming scandal. The Washington Post has performed yoeman's work on this issue. Even the Weekly Standard published an admirable piece on the subject. However, except for NPR and Bill Moyers, the electronic media has been largely silent.

And perhaps because of its rivalry with the Washington Post, the New York Times has devoted minimal attention to this scandal. That changed today with this important editorial titled, Sleaze in the Capitol. Note this passage,

"While the Senate Indian Affairs Committee is continuing its inquiry, the Republican House leadership remains mute. The gulling of the casino tribes is a blot on Congress and the lobbying industry that cries out for a thorough public vetting. But no one is taking any bets, particularly at tribal casinos, that Capitol politicians can fully face the task."

Hopefully, this editorial will prompt the networks to provide coverage on this scandal. As the Moose never tires from pointing out, Casinogate is emblematic of the corruption of Republican Congressional rule.

And it may signal the beginning of their undoing.
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