Thursday, January 20, 2005


The Moose observes that the eloquence of the President's address was only matched by its disconnectedness to reality.

As expected, the Gersonian poetry soared in the President's inaugural address. Fine and noble sentiments about freedom were expressed that are applauded by the Moose.

But the speech raises the question - has the President visited America lately? If he had, he would find that he presides over a deeply divided nation. If he were in touch with the reality of America, he would discover that the country has deep doubts about the wisdom of the war in Iraq. If he knew his nation, he would realize that many Americans suffer from the lack of health care coverage. He would know that child poverty is on the rise.

No, the President was preaching to the converted. He was singing to the choir. He failed to offer an olive branch to the half of the nation that did not support him. While there was eloquence aplenty, political imagination was nonexistent. No creative rhetoric or proposals were expressed to heal the breach. It is not in him.

He is oblivious to the notion that he speaks ever so eloquently about advancing freedom abroad while he imposes economic policies that promote plutocracy at home. Wilson, FDR and JFK all expressed similar sentiments about advancing freedom in distant lands. But they also advanced equality and economic justice at home.

The Moose did not expect much from the President's address. He was not disappointed.
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