Thursday, January 13, 2005

Donald Rather

The Moose urges Secretary Rumsfeld to follow Dan Rather's example.

The right has had a high time trashing CBS and the mainstream media for memogate. As the Moose pointed out, if only the Bush Administration was as accountable as CBS.

To repeat, no one has been fired or discipline because of the post-war failures in Iraq. Richard Cohen echoes this point today,

"It took no less a sage than President Bush to put the firing of four high-level CBS News employees in perspective: "CBS said they would act. They did. And I hope their actions are such that this doesn't happen again." This from the man who fired not a single person in his entire administration for getting nearly everything wrong about Iraq and taking the nation to war for reasons that did not exist or were downright specious. Lucky for Bush he's only the president of the United States and not the head of CBS."

Of course, it is widely recognized that Dan Rather is leaving this spring in response to memogate. If only Donald Rumsfeld was similarly in touch with reality.

Donald Rumsfeld - Dan Rather without the accountability.

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