Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Gantry Ticket

The Moose wonders whether Peach State Republicans want to bet the house on a candidate who might have strayed from the ways of the Lord.

Yesterday's Washington Times reported,

"Ralph Reed, executive director at the Christian Coalition from 1989 to 1997 and a favorite of the White House, is "strongly considering" a run for Georgia lieutenant governor next year, Republican friends of Mr. Reed from the state tell The Washington Times. News of a possible run by Mr. Reed was the talk of receptions in Washington for members of Georgia's congressional delegation before their swearing-in ceremonies last week."

If this candidacy moves forward, the Moose will be deeply concerned about the potential corruption of the good residents of the fair state of Georgia. For they may be blissfully ignorant of Righteous Ralph's involvement in the Abramoff/Scanlon/Delay/Reed Indian Gambling Scandal. To recap, Jack Abramoff wanted to prevent Texas Indian tribes from opening casinos to compete with his clients in Louisiana so he paid his old buddy Ralph a couple of million to organize the Christians in the Lone Star state to achieve that objective. Once Ralph closed the Texas casinos, Jack Abramoff solicited the Texas tribes for business to re-open the casinos he closed through the saintly efforts of Righteous Ralph.

Looks pretty Godly, doesn't it!

Meanwhile, saintly former Speaker Newt who is such a firm defender of the sanctity of marriage that he is on his third, contemplates a run for the Presidency in '08. Like Righteous Ralph, Godly Gingrich is concerned that America is turning its back on the Lord. The Washington Times tells

"After terrorism, his list of priorities include reforming Social Security, in which he praises Mr. Bush's efforts, and renewing God's role in public life. Although religion was absent from the 1994 Contract, Mr. Gingrich focuses heavily on God and public policy in this book, citing the Newdow decision, in which two federal appellate judges ruled that public school students should not recite the Pledge of Allegiance, as a watershed moment for the country."

The Moose can only agree with Speaker Newt. We need the Heavenly Father in the pledge now more than ever. Just look at the series of ethical lapses of Tom DeLay and the questionable Christian charity of Righteous Ralph and one can only conclude that we need to once again get right with the Lord.

Rather than run for the Presidency, perhaps Godly Gingrich should consider returning to Georgia and run with Righteous Ralph on the Elmer Gantry ticket for the state house. The always constructive Moose even has a slogan for them - ""Hypocrisy in the pursuit of vice is a virtue!"

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