Sunday, January 16, 2005


The Moose notes that the Rovians have found a creative way to fund their political efforts.

Years ago, when the Moose was on the right, he was part of an effort that attempted to "defund the left." Essentially, the concept that was advanced legislatively by Congressman Ernest Istook and others (including current Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich) was to forbid organizations that receive government funds from lobbying Congress. The idea behind the legislation was that all money was fungible - so government funds could be used by these organizations for advocacy purposes.

In a creative twist on the failed defund the left efforts, Karl Rove and his cronies have evidently launched a massive campaign to "fund the right." Example one is the faith based effort that funnels funds to conservative religious groups. Another example was "punditgate" and the payments to Armstrong Williams.

Now, we learn courtesy of today's New York Times that the Bushies are using your tax dollars to fund a privatization campaign through the Social Security Administration.

"Over the objections of many of its own employees, the Social Security Administration is gearing up for a major effort to publicize the financial problems of Social Security and to convince the public that private accounts are needed as part of any solution.

The agency's plans are set forth in internal documents, including a "tactical plan" for communications and marketing of the idea that Social Security faces dire financial problems requiring immediate action.

Social Security officials say the agency is carrying out its mission to educate the public, including more than 47 million beneficiaries, and to support President Bush's agenda."

You've got to give credit to Rove and the gang for evil audacity. Why just rely on the RNC or your corporate cronies to finance propaganda when you have the Internal Revenue Service and the rest of the federal apparatus at your disposal! Sure, Nixon thought of this earlier, but he was a wimp when it came to using the government to serve your political objectives. Karl, you're putting your old mentor to shame!

It must be great having the federal treasury as your own ATM to fund the party line.
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