Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ink Stains

The Moose celebrates the heroism of the Iraqi people and the American troops that made a democratic election possible.

The Moose will have more to say about the Iraqi elections and domestic politics tomorrow. But now is time for all people of good will to praise the bravery of millions of Iraqis who defied fascist threats and attacks to vote. The photos of Iraqis with ink stained fingers that designated that they had voted captured the heroic victory of the Iraqis over the jihadists and the Baathists. The ink stained fingers will undoubtedly come to symbolize the struggle of democratic aspirations against extremist terror.

Hopefully, the other democratic nations that have opposed the war will now realize that something large is at stake in the future of Iraq. Whatever their differences with America's decision to go to war, perhaps they will come to the aid of a people who are seeking a new day.

Iraq has become something bigger than a war to topple a tyrant. That nation's future development as a democracy could have the potential to transform a region. Potential is the key word. The outcome of this struggle is by no means certain. And it is incumbent on the new Secretary of State to make a concerted effort to enlist allies in this cause. America can't shoulder this burden virtually alone. This will be her first critical test.

Our European friends have a decision to make. As the old union song goes, "which side are you on?"
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