Monday, January 10, 2005

Moose Listening Tour

The Moose thanks the Mooseketeers for their outpouring of support for his fanciful candidacy for DNC Chair.

A sample of comments,

"I wish you were serious."

"Dr. Moose -As one of those Oregon types who votes the person, not the party, I'd enjoy seeing you as DNC chair - since moderates are liberals now, why not have a moderate-as-liberal chair instead of a real liberal? You swing both ways, so to speak, and could have a lot of cred with red-staters since you know their interests, and could show them that those interests are not being met. Besides, you're a charming writer.I look forward to seeing if anything develops. Are you serious, by the way?"

Mr. Moose,
"I am a devout Mooseketeer and I think you should run for DNC chair! Run, Moose, run!"
Houston, Texas

"I love your blog. Why don't YOU run for office? You're exactly the kind of progressive thinker your country, and dare I say the world, needs right now."
Ontario, Canada

"BullMoose for DNC chair? Heck, yes."

" I whole heartedly support you if you decide to jump into the fray. I am very disheartened by the lack of focus and conviction that the Dems are mired in. To remain a true beneficiary of the one and only inheritance given to me by the generations of my family, my Democratic party loyalty , I call upon the DNC to consider the mammal that is both respected by all, to lead it to a new deal of fiscal responsibility, taking on "K" street, the military industrial complex and the religious zealots... We need you the largest in the land and the only vegetarian, but is both feared and respected by all, to lead it to a new deal of fiscal responsibility."

The Moose is polishing his antlers, and is ready for action (whimsically, of course).
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