Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Profile in Courage

The Moose urges supporters and foes of the war to applaud the heroism of individual Iraqis.

The Moose has been strongly critical of the Bushies' conduct of the war. However, he has also believed that we cannot allow Iraq to become a failed state in a region that is critical to our national interests. And even if one opposed the war, one can still admire, appreciate and support the efforts of Iraqis to achieve freedom.

A moving profile appears in the New York Times today of one such Iraqi,

"The doctor pulled a Czech pistol from his glove compartment on a recent day and walked into the mosque.

"His professional mission, he acknowledges, is to save lives, to treat the weak and infirm.
But Dr. Riyadh N. al-Adhadh, a Sunni Arab, is also running for a Baghdad provincial council seat in the elections on Sunday.

"He has about as many friends as Julius Caesar on the Ides of March."

"I've had this for one year, but only in the last two weeks have I started carrying it," the doctor said as he handed the pistol to a reporter. "I know it's useless. If they want to kill me, they will."

Progressives should be on the side of heroes like Mr. al-Adhadh. Oppose the Bushies. Defy the Republican plutocrats. But don't abandon democrats.
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