Friday, January 07, 2005

The Real Crisis

The Moose again implores true hawks to step up to the plate.

Even the most devout social security privatization advocates must honestly concede that the system is not on the verge of imminent collapse. In the worse case scenario, that is a few decades in the future.

In contrast, our military is at the breaking point right now. Yesterday, the Washington Post

The head of the Army Reserve has sent a sharply worded memo to other military leaders expressing "deepening concern" about the continued readiness of his troops, who have been used heavily in Iraq and Afghanistan, and warning that his branch of 200,000 soldiers "is rapidly degenerating into a 'broken' force."

And today, the Post says,

"Army leaders are considering seeking a change in Pentagon policy that would allow for longer and more frequent call-ups of some reservists to meet the demands of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, a senior Army official said yesterday."

We are currently fighting two wars and undertaking a massive relief effort. If there is a crisis, it is the state of the military. Clearly, a significant expansion of the Army is imperative. But where will the money come from? The flag-waving Bushies have squandered billions in tax cuts for the comfortable and now plan to put our nation trillions of dollars more in debt with their social security scheme.

Democrats should label these fiscal policies what they are - anti-defense, anti-military and unpatriotic. And where are the voices of the honest hawks who realize that there is a fiscal as well as a profound human cost for this war?

The Moose is waiting and listening.
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