Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Red State Moose

The Moose observes that political power grows out of the wheel of a mouse.

The Moose whimsically has allowed a trial balloon for his candidacy for DNC Chair to rise above his antlers. However, in this time of smash mouth politics, even a virtual candidacy opens one to unfair attacks.

The Moose closed his earlier posting today with the slogan, "Dare To Stuggle, Dare to Win." An erudite and politically astute New Donkey immediately recognized that slogan as having a Maoist origin. Was the Moose pandering to genuine Red State voters in North Korea, Cuba or Vietnam? Was he merely attempting to woo the hard core left?

No, as one wit once said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. By invoking that slogan, the Moose was attempting to encourage a fighting spirit in the donkey.

For the record, the Moose is not now, nor has ever been a Maoist. A Trotskyist is another matter...
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