Thursday, January 20, 2005

Surprise Us

As the President takes the oath of office, the Moose wishes him well.

On this day of national celebration, the Moose will not succumb to negativity. This is a day for noble sentiments and elevated aspirations.

Perhaps now W. will make good on being a uniter and not a divider. Could he finally reveal himself as a compassionate conservative?

Maybe he will ask for shared sacrifice in the war against terror, even by those who lavished upon him millions and millions of dollars in campaign contributions. This time, could he call upon those who are most advantaged in our society to contribute more toward the public good?

Is it possible that the President will admit error? Is he capable of demanding accountability of those who failed in his Administration? Can he apply standards to Cabinet Secretaries as well as to elementary students and welfare mothers?

Now that we are opening a new chapter on this Administration is it possible that the smugness, arrogance, triumphalism and hubris that marked the first term will vanish? Could the President display the Christian humility that is a hallmark of his faith?

Can the President unite the red-state, blue-state America as he did briefly after 9-11? Can this President inspire Americans, as John McCain eloquently puts it, "to enlist in causes greater than their self-interest."?

Hope springs eternal.
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