Friday, January 28, 2005

Tammany Hall Republicans

The Moose laments that they don't make hack politicians like they used to.

Republicans must have trouble looking in the mirror these days. The image that is staring back at them is Carmine De Sapio. De Sapio, of course, was the legendary boss of New York's Tammany Hall. Walking around money, bribery, petty corruption and patronage were all hallmarks of the old New York political machine. And Tom DeLay is just a modern version of DeSapio without the scruples or the concern for the working stiff.

Carmine De Sapio would feel more comfortable in the modern GOP than would Barry Goldwater. Patronage in the pursuit of power is no vice, moderation in the defense of lucrative clients is no virtue.

That is how the Moose reads the latest developments on Punditgate. The Big Government conservatives lavished money on Williams and Gallagher just as the ward bosses once took care of their constituents. It is striking how the right wing faithful loathe the government dole until they are on the receiving end. Maybe, the payments were just a variation on private accounts. Right wing pundits get a marvelous rate of return from this Administration!

Whether it's through the corporate subsidies embedded in the Medicare drug law or the proliferation of pork barrel spending, the Republicans are not going to allow principle to stand in the way of advancing their political power. Only chumps don't realize that the point of the Republican ascendancy is to cash in with your access to the GOP illuminati. Don't just take the Moose's word for it - just ask the once revolutionary vanguard that have since made kissy, kissy with Mammon - Reed, Norquist, Abramoff etc.

Since Republicans gained control of both the executive and legislative branches, what exactly have they accomplished on the domestic scene for conservatives besides tax cuts? Their "achievements" include larger deficits, higher tariffs, increased entitlement spending and bigger government. Compared to this crowd, the Clinton years were a conservative Valhalla when budgets were balanced, welfare reform was enacted and middle class taxes were cut.

Could the Moose be misunderestimating the President's magic with the right? After all, he magically transformed the $200 billion Clinton surplus into a $400 billion Bush deficit.

Heck, Bill Clinton should be the guest of honor at the next Heritage Foundation Gala Dinner! He should be feted at Cato! The National Taxpayers Union should create the Clinton Award for Limited Government.

Honest small government conservatives and their religious right brethren might eventually figure out that Republicans are not genuinely interested in their concerns. It is ultimately about the maintenance of power and the rewarding of friends.

At least the Tammany Hall gang produced some entertaining and amusing characters. And also, they reliably picked up the garbage.
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