Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hug a Conservative

The Moose is worried about his conservative brethren.

How much trauma can the right suffer from the Bushies? This week, W. suggested that he might violate the most holy principle of the conservative theology. Prepare yourself - President Bush implied that he would raise the cap on social security taxes to pay for his privatization scheme!

Hide the sharp objects and remove their belts and shoelaces! The right might do something desperate in response to this horrible news! After enduring a massive expansion of the welfare state and an epidemic of pork barrel spending, the right is suffering from a bracing flashback when another Bush broke his "no taxes" pledge.

Of course, this Administration trial balloon will suffer the same fate as the Hindenburg. You can't be a faith based Republican and violate the blessed sacrament of the religion - always protect the rich at all cost.

The Bushies are finding that this is a deeply conservative nation when it comes to government programs. It is conservative in the sense that there is no great appetite to mess with effective government programs like the military and social security.

Actually, the "Godfather" of neo-conservatives, Irving Kristol, recognized many years ago that social security was a government redistribution program that did not promote dependency and provided a safety net for our parents and grandparents. Gary Bauer in his 2000 presidential campaign recognized this dynamic, as well. In short, social security advances family values.

So, this President's Weekend, the Moose urges his followers to provide consolation to the right. It is time for us to put our differences aside and hug a conservative. They are going through a difficult time.
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